Furever Farm Inc

Furever Farm Inc is a registered NFP charity and a rescue/sanctuary and rehoming organisation for the unwanted, dumped, orphaned, abused and unfortunate farm animals and equines in SA.
Established in 2016 by two ordinary but animal cruelty concious people in Darren & Hayley their mission was to simply help save as many of the “forgotten” animals in the farming industry as possible, whilst helping educate others on the need for such rescues. Fully considering of the fact that there were minimal farm animal rescues around, and fully knowledgable that these animals were by far the most ill treated and scarcely thought of they found land, spent money, fixed paddocks and opened their gates to those animals in need, the first such establishment in SA’s Murraylands.
There they began giving animals a sanctuary. They began taking in as many animals as they could, some so beaten and scarred Darren & Hayley spent months rehabilitating, socialising and nursing through injury, illness and psychological torment.
Furever Farm relies solely on donations and fundraising and, even though a registered charity, more often than not is financed by Darren & Hayley’s persoanl funds to keep the rescue running and on much needed and important care of their residents, or family they are preferably referred to.
Furever Farm simply hopes to stay open, to provide love and care to the most needy and deserving - the animals. Future outreach will see Furever Farm up it’s already existing education of this important, and life saving issue. More public outreach is planned via stalls at events, more involvment in schools and the next generation, media outreach and, above all, expantion of it’s resources to aid in the help and saving of more farm animals.
To do all of the above Darren, Hayley, the animals and Furever Farm as a whole needs continued support from you, the people who care. Be that financial support, sponsorship, volunteering, aiding in events and fundraising or simply coming to treat the animals with love and respect. All is just as important as the other in the lives of the animals.
Our slogan speaks for itself. It is possible simply via people who care.
FUREVER FARM - Where the voiceless come to speak.

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