Lindy-Lou & Magoo


Please read the entire post before putting in an EOI to adopt.

Lindy-Lou and Magoo

6 month old Koolie x Border Collie (Blind – Special Needs)

Both Lindy- Lou and Magoo are house trained and crate trained. They both sleep all night in their crates and Lindy-Lou takes herself there during the day for a nap. They come fully vetted and microchipped.

Both dogs have severe bilateral microphthalmia due to having the double merle gene. They were born blind so do not know anything different, they think all dogs see the world as they do.

These dogs do not need any sympathy as they know no difference in their lives. You will have to provide comprehensive training, leadership and guidance.

Lindy-Lou is the more outgoing, with Master Magoo enjoying following the lead of his sister. Lindy-Lou does not seem to bother if Magoo is not around as long as she has something to do.

They are bubbly, bouncy and generally just a normal puppy in their behaviour. They love pats and a slow gentle massage every night to help get rid of all those daily stresses.

Once they know their surroundings, they move around quite easily, but you do need to make sure not to leave anything that could be dangerous to them, lying around. Remember to close cupboard doors and put chairs back under the table when inside. It is not necessary, but a nice thing to do.

Both dogs get along with calm, well mannered dogs that will understand and not react when they bump into them or sniff them to find out who they are. Because they feel with their body, you must always be there to advocate for them if there is any uncertainty in their life.

They are both learning to be a little calmer at feeding time, but this is one of the things you will need to be prepared to train them through. They are currently fed in their crates as they live with 5 other dogs and have not learnt to stay with their own bowls yet.

Do you think you could offer this brother and sister a great home?

Maybe you are thinking of adding just one dog to your family? If this is the case you will also need to be completely aware of sibling syndrome and the extra training and management needs that are involved.

NOTE: a comprehensive process will be followed before Lindy-Lou and Magoo are adopted. This may include further questions and paperwork over and above the normal adoption application process.

State: SA
Breed: Koolie x Border Collie
Gender: Female
Size: Medium (12 - 27kg)
Age: 6 months
Type: Puppy
Microchip Number: On Adoption
Heartworm Treated
Medical Notes: bilateral microphthalmia
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
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Listing created Jun 4, 2019