Tara and Rucky


Tara and Rucky, the cutest Mum and Son floofy duo, who are like chalk and cheese yet make the most amazing bonded team, are on the search for their new family, one who ADORES cuddles and PLAYTIME!

Tara, so tiny in body, but a huge personality, she isn't shy to tell you what she wants and needs in life, and there is a reason her carers call her 'Princess Tara' - Tara likes the finest things in life - The cuddliest of blankets, the best position on the couch, prime spot in bed, attention on demand and laps aplenty to snooze on - while she may be shy at first and cautious to open up, once she trusts you she will be your tiny shadow, demanding her bed is made in front of her favourite viewing window or in the best sun baking spot, and that you sit on the couch so she can snuggle up to you.. She likes her daily casual stroll but honestly if she could be chauffeured to all the best destinations in Melbourne rather than ruin her Pawdicure, she'd probably prefer that!

Rucky, otherwise known as 'Ruckus', definitely lives up to his name! While his mum may be more demure, Ruckster is the life of the party, always wiling to play, to run, to have adventures and be involved with anything that happens to be going on. This utterly beyond ridiculously cute boy also adores his cuddle time, and when he isn't snuggling on your lap, or snuggling with Tara, he'll be following you around just to make sure he isn't missing out on anything fun! Rucky loves zooming around the back yard, and when his mum isn't in the mood to play he often doesn't take no for an answer and usually gets his way, with the two of them zooming around the yard until they can't run anymore. Rucky has a very puppy like personality and has learnt so much since coming into care, and despite his back ground and young age he is very smart and very eager to please.

Rucky and Tara are a fantastic duo and while super confident in most environments they are still learning about the big wide world, and they need people who are savvy with toy breeds, and active dogs, and who honestly want to continue with further training so they can live their best life possible.

Tara and Rucky are very tolerant with kids, but older kids/teenagers would be suit them best, they aren't suitable for elderly people, and will not suit apartment living, they need the freedom of a back yard and daily exercise. they are very much inside dogs and are used to using a doggie door to come and go as they please.

Tara and Rucky have lived with other dogs their whole life but they much prefer being the only puppers in the household. They haven't been cat tested but are currently living with a budgerigar who they actively ignore.

If you think you can give this RIDICULOUSLY CUTE dynamic duo a fantastic active loving home, with people around a lot, aaalllll the soft luxurious beds on tap, with a nice sized yard for zoom time and are interested in furthering their training, please apply via the link below :

Tara and Rucky
Breed: Papillion/pomeranian/terrier cross breed mixes
Age: 3yrs, 18 months
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Parasite prevention: Yes
Microchip: 900141000506499 900141000506466
Source number: EE101639
Adoption Fee: $800

State: VIC
Breed: papillion x
Gender: Female
Size: Toy (6kg or less)
Age: 3yr
Type: Dog
Microchip Number: 900141000506499
Heartworm Treated
Supply Number/Breeder Identification Number: EE101639
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Foster Carer Needed
Part of a Bonded Pair
Has Special Needs
Listing created Feb 9, 2020