Tommy the Cat IF018-20


Nicknames: TC, Tom Tom

Date of Birth: 10th Apr, 2017
Rescue Date: 4th May, 2020
Location: Hamilton Hill, WA


Tommy the Cat is a former street cat who had enough time as an undesexed male to form large "tom cat" jowls. He is a big-boned, hefty tabby boy who is all muscle. Surprisingly, his coat is very soft for a former street cat, leading just to believe he hasn't been out in the elements constantly.


Tommy the Cat's history isn't known up until he was trapped by a citizen who had a small community of cats in her neighbourhood, and taken to the pound. He was in the company of other cats, so it was our estimation that he'd be okay with other cats in a household. Currently he is in a house with other cats, and is just getting to know them at this point. They aren't making him feel too welcome as yet, but he is handling the 'unwelcome' fairly well, with no altercations except hissing as yet. TC has only just been desexed, so it will be a while until he really settles into his "proper self". We will update his bio as we get to know him better.


Chill with a hint of crazy!
Shy, gentle, tentative
Not really sure yet. I'm still learning about this cat


So far while in foster care, Tommy has mostly just wanted to be outdoors. He now has access to a cat enclosure, and likes to go out there but his movements are a little hampered by the unwelcoming committee of the other cats in his foster home. He is a little frustrated at the moment, but still accepts pats from his foster carer, and likes a chin/head/neck scratch. He LOVES food and it seems to be the main path to his heart at present.


As far as we know so far, Tommy isn't the biggest fan of being confined - he still gets put in his large dog crate overnight while his foster carer sleeps, so that he isn't out and about unsupervised. He can only go so long being confined before he gets really mournful. We are still getting to know Tommy so will update this information when we know more!


At present, although Tommy seems to be okay with the other cats in his foster home, he would probably love a spacious home to explore and be the king of. We feel that it's a little too early at this point to judge who Tommy is and what sort of home would suit him best, as he is still settling down post-sterilisation and we haven't met the cat he will end up being as yet. If you are interested in fostering Tommy and have a secure, spacious home, please get in touch!

State: WA
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Coat: Short
Age: 3 yrs (est.)
Type: Cat
Microchip Number: On file
Heartworm Treated
Medical Notes: *Adoption fee helps to cover the cost of sterilisation, microchipping, vaccination and flea / worming treatment. Tommy also had a SNAP test for FeLV/FIV, and the test came back negative.
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Indoor Only Cat
Foster Carer Needed
Part of a Bonded Pair
Special Needs
Suitable for homes with:
Kids under 5 years old
Kids between 6 and 12 years old
Resident dogs
Resident cats
Full time workers (pet alone during working hours)
Adoption Details: If you would like to meet this cat with a view to adopting, please check out our Adopt page here: for all the steps required. Firstly you must complete the Expression of Interest Form which is linked in the "Available Cats" section. After this we can arrange a meeting for you and the cat, and if all goes well, adoption can proceed. We require receipt of the full adoption fee plus a completed adoption contract before the adoption trial period can begin.
Listing created May 10, 2020