Jenny's Angels Dog Rescue

We are a small team of dedicated animal lovers who work together to rescue dogs from the local pound and surrounding country areas. Our dogs are all fostered in loving homes where they experience life in a family and learn valuable lessons needed to ensure their successful transition to their new home. We re-home dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds that have been surrendered, dumped or abandoned. We feel dogs in country areas are often forgotten and have a harder time finding new homes with limited avenues available. Our goal is to help the dogs of Port Augusta and surrounding areas who end up in the local pounds or abandoned, the best chance of finding the loving homes they deserve. We work closely with our dedicated, highly experienced Animal Control officers and with their assistance we have already helped re-home many dogs. We will endeavor to do our best for all dogs and will work with other ethical rescues to ensure the best outcome for the dogs. We believe education and promotion of responsible dog ownership is paramount to reducing the number of ''unwanted'' dogs and hope to work with local groups to spread the word. All our dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed before re-homing. Once re-homed we are always available to offer help or just to share the joy of the new owners. Our dogs are always a part of us for their entire life.

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