Terry - on trial

desexed ~ dental ~ full blood panel ~ vaccinated ~ microchipped ~ heartworm tested ~ wormed ~ flea treated ~ lifetime support ~ Adoption fee - medical subsidy $450 + free consult with our vet ~ Rehoming Body Number R251000076

ADOPTION NOTES Terry is the cutest little man looking for a house made for tiny dogs.
Terry is only an itty bitty man that can get overwhelmed with the big wide world.
Terry is a bit shy when he first meets you but once he relaxes and knows the giant humans are kind and gentle, you find a funny little man who doesn't mind a bit of a zoomie around the house and likes to attack a toy from time to time.
Terry would love a backyard to sun himself in and have a wander around. Terrys ideal home would be quiet and accomodating to his microbe size.
Terry's favourite thing in the whole wide world is blankets and he will nestle under them and you will not see him for a while and just see a blanket moving around, that is Terry.
He has to have a home that will give him plenty of blankets to continue his blanket monster ways. Terry gets along with other quiet small dogs who aren't in his face or super active.
Terry has the tinest legs and is not made for long walks or houses with a lot of steps.
Terry has luxating patella's but his treating vet has recommended no surgical intervention at this time. Terry has had 4 mini seizures since being in care, his vets have weighed up their infrequency is not worth the side effects of the medication has.
Terry has hair loss and has had numerous tests for thyroid conditions which have all come back negative. He has been tested for Cushing's Disease which came back negative.
Terry seems to have a genetic hair loss condition which has no impact on his quality of life and is given a omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement to keep his skin healthy.
​Due to his pint sized frame Terry needs an owner who understands tiny dog's need's

State: NSW
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Size: Toy (6kg or less)
Age: 9yrs
Type: Dog
Microchip Number: on file
Heartworm Treated
Supply Number/Breeder Identification Number: Rehoming Body Number R251000076
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Foster Carer Needed
Part of a Bonded Pair
Has Special Needs
Listing created May 4, 2019