470 - Skittles

If you are seeking a cat with character, Skittles is your man! Named after the way he darts and dives around, creating his own games, he is more entertainment than TV!

He is gentle yet playful, still a little timid but his confidence builds daily. Skittles loves to explore the house, but loud noises or sudden movements will make him run and hide. He loves to play with toys on strings, bat balls around and sit on the bench top. Not to mention, he loves sitting and sleeping near you, however is still not comfortable to be picked up. At night he likes to sleep on the end of the bed and keep you company, as well as a few crazy runs around the house.

Companions (Children, Cats & Dogs)
Skittles is currently in a house with other cats, dogs and older children. He has connected well with the other cats in the house and loves to play games with them. He has become confident around dogs in the house. This boy is gentle and has areas he likes to sleep in, often curled up high on top of a wardrobe.

Likes / Dislikes
Skittles loves tickles behind the ears and on his back. He enjoys having wet food morning and night, and biscuits throughout the day. He becomes very excited at feeding time and runs full speed any time he thinks he may get food. He is a playful and energetic cat who loves his toys, cat tree and games. He does not like being picked up for now.

Skittles would make wonderful companion to any home but would suit a home with older children best. A home where there are already friendly cats would suit him too as he loves to play.

State: WA
Breed: Domestic Short Hair - Tabby
Gender: Male
Coat: Short
Age: 26/4/17
Type: Cat
Microchip Number: On file
Heartworm Treated
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Indoor Only Cat
Foster Carer Needed
Part of a Bonded Pair
Special Needs
Suitable for homes with:
Kids under 5 years old
Kids between 6 and 12 years old
Resident dogs
Resident cats
Full time workers (pet alone during working hours)
Adoption Details: If you would like to meet Skittles, please fill in this adoption application form http://j.mp/Adoptionforms Or email adoptionpra@outlook.com.au
Listing created Sep 15, 2019