Polly HD19-028 BONDED with Missy HD19-027

Polly is a mischievous little girl, who is very protective of her sister Missy. She loves cuddles with her people and likes to be near her sister.

The girls are bonded and cannot be separated, but that just means double the love and double the cuddles. Missy will be a Forever Foster to whomever adopts Polly.

Polly loves the sound of her own voice and gets very excited when she meets new people and dogs in the park.

She has a tendancy to chase cats, especially if they run past her but will stop when called.

Polly is currently living in foster care with a large chilled out dog and 3 cats, and of course her sister Missy.

If you have room in your life for these 2 very special girls and lots of cuddles please get in touch with HAART today

State: WA
Breed: Maltese X
Gender: Female
Size: Toy (6kg or less)
Age: Est DOB: 08/06/2011
Type: Senior
Microchip Number: TBA
Heartworm Treated
Supply Number/Breeder Identification Number: HD19-028
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Foster Carer Needed
Part of a Bonded Pair
Has Special Needs
Suitable for homes with:
Kids under 5 years old
Kids between 6 and 12 years old
Resident dogs
Resident cats
Full time workers (pet alone during working hours)
Adoption Details: Please email dogs@haart.org.au for a Pre-Adoption form.
Listing created Sep 24, 2019