Greggory IF030-19


Date of Birth: 3rd Mar, 2011
Rescue Date: 7th Aug 2019
Location: Baldivis, WA

Greggory is a lovely champagne coloured older boy who has FIV. He has had two dental surgeries to remove his canines and is now doing very well. He is a very friendly boy who adores having pats and head bumps.

He came into care in August 2019 with what was believed to be a neurological condition as he constantly 'chewed' at his mouth. However it was discovered his lip was getting caught where his upper canines had been removed and on removing the lower ones he was instantly better. He has been a much happier boy since and his mouth has healed beautifully.

Totally chill, not bovvered
Affectionate as heck - prefers cuddles to anything else

Greggory loves a sunny spot to lay in during the day and a big cozy bed in the evenings. He loves snuggling right up with his foster carer and will purr away happily. He loves his food and can hear a tin being opened even when fast asleep!

He is fine around other cats as long as they aren't too playful with him, he'll happily curl up with his foster buddies. Other than that he's a very chilled out boy.

His ideal home will be with someone who can give him a brush every day, Greggory doesn't wash as much as other cats so needs a bit of help. Fortunately he loves a brush and will sit quite happily and purr away. He's not very active but loves pats so would do fine in most homes. He will need a family who are able to feed him a premium diet and ensure he has regular vet check-ups due to his FIV.

State: WA
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Coat: Short
Age: 8 yrs est.
Type: Senior
Microchip Number: On file
Heartworm Treated
Medical Notes: Greggory has FIV but is in good health at the moment. We can offer advice to help with his condition and he'll need regular vet checkups. He has had his canines removed and will benefit from daily T/D prescription dry biscuits to help his teeth.
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Indoor Only Cat
Foster Carer Needed
Part of a Bonded Pair
Special Needs
Suitable for homes with:
Kids under 5 years old
Kids between 6 and 12 years old
Resident dogs
Resident cats
Full time workers (pet alone during working hours)
Adoption Details: If you would like to meet this cat with a view to adopting, please check out our Adopt page here: for all the steps required. Firstly you must complete the Expression of Interest Form which is linked in the "Available Cats" section. After this we can arrange a meeting for you and the cat, and if all goes well, adoption can proceed. We require receipt of the full adoption fee plus a completed adoption contract before the adoption trial period can begin.
Listing created Oct 9, 2019