Mia and Marli


Hands down the cutest, sweetest, little couple we have met! It's hard to describe the ridiculousness of how cute these two actually are! Both tiny (Marli more so) and both filled with charisma, these two girls are very different to each other but like the saying goes 'opposites attract' and despite their very different natures they make the best sassy duo and they simply adore each other!

Mia is a Maltese mix around 3-4 years old and Marli is a tiny chihuahua around 2 years old. Mia is the life of the party, she ADORES people, she greets everyone she meets as if you are her long lost best friend! Her happiness is contagious and she loves to be loved and be the centre of attention. Marli is more laid back when it comes to showing affection at first. For such a tiny chihuahua she is confident and knows her own mind, but she's happy to let her BFF get all the attention at first. Marli holds back more when meeting new people, you have to gain her trust first, but it doesn't take long for that tiny tail to start whipping around like a helicopter!

These two girls are incredibly bonded and there is no way we could ever split them up. They do everything together and they love to snuggle with each when a human lap isn't on offer. The girls have lived with small kids, in fact, they adore children, but due to Marli's tiny size we would suggest that if you have kids you only apply if they are very dog savvy and very gentle and have lived with toy breeds before.

Both girls are fully vet checked and fit and healthy. Little Marli has had orthopaedic surgery on one of her knees as she had a severe luxating patella and in the future her other knee will likely need the same. Due to this her new family will need to be aware of the costs involved in potential surgeries and have the ability to provide for her. Little Mia has had no health complaints since being in care but she does need regular grooming as her stunning soft fur grows quickly and she she needs regular face trims to keep her fur from being stained by tears.

These two girls really light up the room as soon as they enter and are both so sweet, loving, with extra extra dollops of cute! They love spending time with their humans so would prefer people who dont work long hours and as they dont really like to share the limelight a house with no other pets would be best. They will happily share with each other though (even though Mia often hogs all the attention!). both girls are house trained but would love a new home with a doggie door, they are lead trained and love going for rides in the car!

If you think you have the perfect home for our perfect dynamic due, please apply via the following link with as much detail as possible -

Name: Mia and Marli
Breed: Maltese mix (Mia) Chihuahua (Marli)
Age: 2-4years old
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchip: 943094320461326 900139000012815
Adoption Fee: $800
Source Number: EE101639

State: VIC
Breed: chihuahua and maltese
Gender: Female
Size: Toy (6kg or less)
Age: 2-4
Type: Dog
Microchip Number: 943094320461326
Heartworm Treated
Medical Notes: Marli has had an operation to correct a luxating patella. It is possible in the future she will need the same operation on her other knee
Supply Number/Breeder Identification Number: EE101639
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Listing created Oct 29, 2019