Johnny and Sid


Honestly, the most attractive dogs we have ever rescued, can they get any more good looking??!

These stunning model worthy superstars, Johnny and Sid, came into care recently and have since had a crash course in socialisation and manners and have taken everything in their stride. These boys have lived a life with no boundaries, and given no social skills, and were honestly a bit of a hot mess when they arrived. Because the boys are (now) naturally so eager to have human cuddles and are very clever they have improved out of sight, and this is why we are after a very specific home for them....

Johnny and Sid are Chinese Crested x Toy Poodles, tiny, fun filled bundles of energy and love, and as such I'm sure they will get a lot of interest in adoption, but, they need a new forever home who will take training very seriously! These boys aren't silly, they know a push over when they see one, and they need firm, structured guidance to help them continue to be the amazing dogs they always should have been! Johnny and Sid both suffer from anxiety and have responded well to medication, routine and structure and with the right forever home will continue to do so

Johnny and Sid are tiny, around 4kgs, but their personalities are massive! The twins are so very bonded and have always been by each others side, but they have very distinct personalities. Sid loves people deeply but prefers to be a one on one kind of guy, he loves to explore when on a walk, peeing on everything in sight, smiling from ear to ear as he runs to the next tree! He is very particularly about always walking on the left, always! He loves his food and treat time is cause for celebration! Johnny is happy to have human love from anyone, he loves to sit on your lap and nuzzle into your hands, food is not of huge interest to him and he will wait for his brother to start a meal before deciding its ok to eat. Both boys adore, ADORE, running off lead in a secure area, they live for it! Despite they tiny size they get daily walks and runs, and have no off switch with their energy levels.

Johnny and Sid have certain things in the world that they love which are as follows:
1 - exercise, daily, no question about it!
2 - snuggling in bed, under the covers, for hours and hours and hours
3 - screaming at cats
4 - screaming at other dogs while on a walk (however they actively ignore other dogs in their foster home
5 - treats
6 - back scratches and putting on their pyjamas!

Their list of things they hate would include:
1 - being alone
2 - being separated from each other
3 - cats
4 - being cold
5 - dogs on walks
6 - cats (they really do not like cats!)

The twins are the most hilarious entertaining dogs who make their foster mum laugh every single day! They are joy personified and are so fun to watch zoom around and wrestle and watching them try to snuggle under any blanket or couch cushion is cause for rip roaring laughter! They are quirky, cute, fun, but they are also a lot of work

If you have no other pets, have experience with energetic dogs who need structure and guidance and ongoing training, understand the specific needs of a hairless dog, aren't afraid of a bit of hard work and want the most amazing cuddles and fierce loyalty on tap for the next ten years then please consider applying for the amazing duo!
Please fill in the application form with as much detail as possible -

Name: Johnny and Sid
Breed: Chinese Crested x Toy Poodle
Age: 4yrs
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Parasite Prevention: Yes
Microchip: 900079000114456 900079000114461
Source Number: EE101639
Adoption Fee: $800

State: VIC
Breed: Chinese crested x toy poodle
Gender: Male
Size: Toy (6kg or less)
Age: 4
Type: Dog
Microchip Number: 900079000114456
Heartworm Treated
Supply Number/Breeder Identification Number: EE101639
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: No
Listing created Oct 29, 2019