Toga is a 5yo 35kg mixed breed. There are so many breeds in his ancestry he is practically unique! He is great with other dogs and with poultry, untested with kids and livestock and NOT safe with cats.

Toga has some separation anxiety and will try to get out and find you if you are gone for more than an hour or so. He doesn't bark or howl or whine he just sets his mind to finding you. Being a strong, agile and determined chap he can break or bend or otherwise damage things on his way out. Toga leaps farm gates with ease and needs good fencing and strong doors to keep him secure if he panics. He doesn't roam if he knows that you're near, it is only if he can't see or hear you for a while that he gets agitated. He will happily sleep in a crate as long as he can see/hear you but he can and will break out of a crate if his separation anxiety kicks in. A home where someone is around most of the time is what he needs.

He can also panic if confronted with an angry, shouty type person therefore he is not the right dog for you if someone like that lives in your household.

With the exception of these two anxieties he is a very laid back and cruisy boy, very loving and happy for cuddles or just to lie at your feet. He is always happy to see you without jumping up or head butting or any other over enthusiastic greetings. He is very polite on leash and pretty good with behaviour boundaries (although he is convinced that any food left unattended on a kitchen bench belongs to him).

Toga is very intelligent and would absolutely bloom with further training.

Is he the one you've been searching for?

State: VIC
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Male
Size: Large (28 - 45kg)
Age: 5 years
Type: Dog
Microchip Number: 953010004034982
Heartworm Treated
Supply Number/Breeder Identification Number: EE100272
Is the pet available for interstate adoption?: Yes
Suitable for homes with:
Kids under 5 years old
Kids between 6 and 12 years old
Resident dogs
Resident cats
Full time workers (pet alone during working hours)
Adoption Details: We carefully match each pet with an adopter and have a trial period during which the adoption fee is fully refundable. To begin this process, you must complete a detailed adoption application from
Listing created Jan 15, 2020